Earliest known photo of the school


The Seaward Gospel Academy was already five years old with an enrollment of 102 pupils when accreditation was granted. On September 16, 1957, Miss Netesha Cunningham came to establish the school which many years later became the Elite Tapper Christian HEART Academy. The beginning was relatively small but by April 1958, more accommodation was needed and the students had to be moved to the garage where the library is now situated. For the next 20 years it contained four classrooms, a library and an office. This had to accommodate the steadily increasing number of pupils.


N. Campbell

On March 1990, the school was shocked by the sudden death of Ms. Cunningham who was originally from Ireland. She was involved in the education in Jamaica for almost 43 years first, at the St. Andrew High School for girls then at the Elite Tapper Christian Academy.


The school takes pride in these departments: The department of Professional Studies, the department of agriculture, the department of food and beverage service, the department of hospitality skills and the concierge department.

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