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ETC Front building

Welcome to the ETC Heart Academy WikiEdit

The Elite Tapper Christian HEART Academy is a school that specializes in creating and improving good work ethics as they are primarily involved in food service and preparation and is geared towards the tourism sector. It is located on 9hToronto Avenue, Kingston 10. The Elite Tapper Christian HEART Academy boasts a rich heritage spanning 50yrs. Our strong commitment to molding ‘the total’ man is at the core of the success of the Elite Tapper Christian Academy.

Many students have gone to be significant leaders on the world stage. As we embark on new journeys, we look forward to serving generations to come, seeking always to mold the total man for excellence.

Contact UsEdit

Tel: (876) 319-8145

Email: /

Fax: (876) 977-7757


Go to . Click the dropdown box that says ‘apply here’. An application form will come up on your screen. Your email address and password will be required to complete the application

Latest activityEdit

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